For a selection of articles, reports and good practice guides written by Katherine, see below. 

Practical guides

Involving Children and Young People in Research: Top Tips and Key Issues (INVOLVE, 2016)

The James Lind Alliance Guidebook (James Lind Alliance, 2010) - listen to the podcast in which Katherine describes the development of the Guidebook: click here

LGBT Forced Marriage: an online resource for young people (Albert Kennedy Trust, 2010)

Bullying: preventing the bullying and harassment of gay employees (Stonewall, 2007) 

Monitoring: how to monitor sexual orientation in the workplace (Stonewall, 2006) 

Networks: setting up networks for LGB employees (Stonewall, 2005) 

Research and consultancy reports 

Senior Investigators: leaders for patient and public involvement in research (National Institute for Health Research, 2014)

Lyme Disease Survey Report (Lyme Disease Action, 2011)
Career Development for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Civil Servants (Civil Service Rainbow Alliance, 2011)

Building on Success: opportunities to progress patient and public involvement in research prioritisation and commissioning (AMRC, INVOLVE and JLA, 2010)

Respect? Evaluation report (British Youth Council and YouthNet, 2009)

Consulting with lesbian, gay and bisexual communities (Bath & North East Somerset Council, 2009)

Sexual Orientation Equality Scheme Progress Report (Transport for London, 2009)

Britain and Beyond (YouthNet, 2008)

Living Together: British attitudes to lesbian and gay people (Stonewall, 2007) 

Being the gay one: experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual people working in the health and social care sector (Department of Health, 2007) 

Tuned Out: the representation of lesbian and gay people on the BBC (Stonewall, 2006) 

Sector Study 28: Housing associations and domestic violence (Housing Corporation, 2003)


Top ten research priorities for spinal cord injury: the methodology and results of a British priority setting partnership (Nature: Spinal Cord, 2015) 

Who decides the priorities for medical research? (Alliance Magazine, 2015) 

Setting research priorities to improve the health of children and young people with neurodisability (BMJ Open, 2015)

Top ten priorities for spinal cord injury (Lancet Neurology, 2014)

The Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting Partnership: overview and results (BMJ Open, 2014)

Ready, set, goal (Coaching at Work, 2013)

What are the experiences of external executive coaches working with coachees’ assigned goals? (International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 2013)

Tackling treatment uncertainties together: the evolution of the James Lind Initiative, 2003-2013 (Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 2013)

Patients/carers and clinicians can set joint priorities for research in cleft lip and palate (International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 2013)

LGBT patients - what are the barriers to healthcare? (The Patient Experience, 2012)

Get Happy! (Diva, 2012)

The James Lind Alliance - tackling treatment uncertainties together (Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, 2010)  Click here to watch a video of Katherine describing this work.  

Conducting Equality Impact Assessments (Health Service Journal, 2007)

Katherine has contributed to Out at Work magazine:   

She has also written a series of recruitment columns for g3 magazine:

Working Mums (September, 2009)

One out, one in (June, 2009)

A not so private IDAHO (May, 2009)

Ticking the box - monitoring sexual orientation (March, 2009)

New year, new career (February, 2009)

Office party politics (December, 2008)

Stressed out? (November, 2008)

The customer isn't always right (October, 2008)

Working for a gay organisation (September, 2008)

Workplace bullying (August, 2008)

Network it! - staff network groups (June, 2008)

Out at work? (May, 2008)

Job interview survival - ten tips (Out in the City, July 2008)